UiTM researchers securing funding from Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO)

Congratulations to researchers of Universiti Teknologi MARA, Kedah Branch, for securing funding of RM 60,000.00 from Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) for their project, Japanese Moku-Zogan Technique Application to Malaysian Furniture Design: A Cross Culture Design Entrepreneur Potential.

Japan’s cultural and ethical superiority is widely recognized; however, a decline in the number of craftsmen in recent years has raised concerns about the preservation of traditional craft-making techniques . To address this issue, one approach is to foster appreciation of Japanese culture among foreign communities through the concept of “Mingei”.

The present project aims to showcase the uniqueness of the Japanese craft known as the Moku-zogan technique. Specifically, the project seeks to gain an understanding of this exceptional and aesthetically pleasing technique from Japanese craftsmen and facilitate a cultural exchange. The focus is not solely on the method itself but also on how it can offer opportunities for young design entrepreneurs.

Through this project, emerging designers, particularly students, can learn about cross-cultural craftsmanship and expand their knowledge of other cultures’ craftsmanship. UiTM group intends to develop furniture design concepts based on the implementation of the Moku-Zogan technique, with a particular focus on creating a furniture that is marketable in contemporary settings.

Congratulations, UiTM researchers!