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Q1 Article | Journal of Controlled Release | Critical Clinical Gaps in Cancer Precision Nanomedicine Development

Active targeting strategy is adopted in nanomedicine for cancer treatment. Personalizing the nanomedicine in accordance with patients’ omics, under the precision medicine platform, is met with challenges in targeting ligand and matrix material selection at nanoformulation stage.
The past 5-year literatures show that the nanoparticulate targeting ligand and matrix material are not selected based upon the cancer omics profiles of patients. The expression of cancer cellular target receptors and metabolizing enzymes is primarily influenced by age, gender, race/ethnic group and geographical origin of patients.

The personalized perspective of a nanomedicine cannot be realised with premature digestion of matrix and targeting ligand by specific metabolizing enzymes that are overexpressed by the patients, and unmatched targeting ligand to the majority of cell surface receptors overexpressed in cancer. Omics analysis of individual metabolizing enzyme and cancer cell surface receptor expressed in cancer facilitates targeting ligand and matrix material selection in nanomedicine development.

Corresponding Author:
Prof. Dr Wong Tin Wui
Smart Manufacturing Research Institute
Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM Puncal Alam