SHAH ALAM, MAY 17th 2023 – Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) through the College of Computing, Informatics and Media (KPPIM) has successfully organized a plenary talk with Rear Admiral Professor Adjunct Dato’ Ts Shamsuddin Hj Ludin, General Defence Cyber & Electromagnetic Division, Malaysian Armed Forces at Dewan Al-Ghazali, Kompleks Al-Khawarizmi, College of Computing, Informatics and Media (KPPIM), UiTM Shah Alam. The Assistant Vice Chancellor, KPPIM UiTM, Prof Ts Dr Haryani Haron, delivered the welcoming remarks whereby she introduced the speaker, Rear Admiral Adjunct Professor Dato’ Ts Shamsuddin Hj Ludin.

Through this plenary talk entitled “Risk of Cyber: Threats to the National Sovereignty”, Rear Admiral Adjunct Professor Dato’ Ts Shamsuddin Hj Ludin has discussed how cybersecurity will threaten the sovereignty of the country. The sovereignty threat is no longer in a form of shooting guns or sending troops to other countries like in the 60s, but it has now evolved to the cyberattacks in a digital domain.

In addition, Rear Admiral Adjunct Professor Dato’ Ts Shamsuddin Hj Ludin also encouraged the younger generations to give input positively to the policy makers through social media. There are thousands of opportunities in cybersecurity which require skills and expertise. Academic institutions must work together with the industries in identifying the skillsets required to develop local talents and capabilities in cybersecurity.

Prior to his extensive experience in the Malaysian Armed Forces, he has managed to make the session lively as well as providing insightful feedback to answering questions given by the audience in the hall and in You Tube live. The program was a resounding success, with over 200 participants and nearly 444 cumulative views on the KPPIM’s official YouTube channel. This programme was also attended by the representatives from the industries, army personnel and students.