ICRAIE2023 Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations and Collaborations in Kuala Lumpur

The 8th International Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology, Electronics, and Engineering (ICRAIE) 2023 brought together exceptional minds from across the globe. For two days, esteemed professionals and experts convened at the luxurious Perdana Hotel in Kuala Lumpur to delve into the latest developments in the field. The event, aptly themed “Empowering Computing, Analytics, & Engineering through Digital Innovations,” served as a platform for the exchange of exciting ideas and the shaping of future technology.

The conference was inaugurated by the esteemed Dean of Research & Innovations at KPPIM, Prof Ts Dr Noorman Masrek, who emphasized the significance of the conference theme. He stated, “The theme serves as a compass guiding our collective journey toward progress. In this interconnected world, where the pulse of innovation beats stronger than ever, it is imperative that we explore the profound impact of digital innovation on every facet of development.”

ICRAIE2023 witnessed the participation of 121 local and international researchers, each presenting their innovative work and ideas in various fields. The collaborative spirit was palpable as participants engaged in discussions, fostering an environment conducive to the exchange of knowledge and the formation of new alliances.

The conference was organized by KPPIM UiTM in collaboration with UiTM Cawangan Kedah and Poornima College of India, showcasing the international dimension of the event. This collaboration further emphasized the commitment to fostering global partnerships in advancing research and development in information technology, electronics, and engineering.

Highlighting the academic excellence and innovation showcased at ICRAIE2023, three standout papers were recognized with the Best Paper Award in their respective tracks:

  • ROC Based Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Classifiers for Multiclass Imbalanced Intrusion Detection Dataset for Computer Science Engineering Track.
  • UAV Swarm Communication Reliability Prediction Using Machine Learning for Electronics & Communication Engineering Track.
  • EcoCharge: Innovative Solar and Wind Charging Station Enabled by Solid Waste Contributions for Electrical Engineering Track.

These award-winning papers not only exemplify the high caliber of research presented at ICRAIE2023 but also underscore the diverse range of topics explored by researchers in the pursuit of technological advancement.

As the conference concluded, the reverberations of its impact could be felt throughout the halls of Perdana Hotel. Collaborative networks were formed, innovative ideas were celebrated, and the progress of technology was propelled forward, making ICRAIE2023 a pivotal moment in time.