Grooming Young Entrepreneurs Through ” Perak Incubator Entrepreneurship Program 2.0″

TAPAH, 4th July 2023- The “Perak Incubator Entrepreneurial Program (PIEP) 2.0” was successfully launched at DKU 200A, UiTM Tapah Campus. PIEP 2.0 is organized by Malaysian Academy of SMEs and Entrepreneurship Development (MASMED) UiTM Perak Branch. The program is an intensive 6-month mentoring program that provides continuous entrepreneurship guidance for students to become successful entrepreneurs. The program started in July and will end in December this year.

Furthermore, the program is geared towards speeding up the growth and success of start-ups and early stage companies as well as to avoid risk of business failures among young entrepreneurs. There are 20 student proteges and 10 mentors who are lecturers with entrepreneurship experience. Incubation support from mentors includes providing network and linkages, advices, knowledge, sharing of experiences and many more. Mentors will also guide the proteges especially in marketing and financial management to sustain their businesses and remain competitive in the market.

At the end of the 6-month program, special rewards such as business incentives, vouchers as well as interest-free business loan will be granted to deserving young entrepreneurs. This will motivate the students to use the best of their abilities with burning passion to achieve success in business. In conclusion, this program is an incredible initiative to groom students to become successful entrepreneurs that are able to survive in the competitive business environment.