In conjunction with UiTM’s aim to become a Globally Renowned University by 2025, three strategic thrusts anchored are quality education, global excellence and value-driven performance. In line with the strategy of having a quality education, a flexible learning environment allows students to navigate their learning experiences anytime and anywhere across disciplines through interactions with peers, industry practitioners and the community. As such, the Faculty of Business and Management (FBM), UiTM Puncak Alam had organized a collaborative environment between students, lecturers and communities through Service-Learning Malaysia (SULAM) program with Universitas Indonesia (UI) and Cakra Buana School in Depok Jakarta, Indonesia.

The participants for this program consisted of two (2) FBM lecturers, namely, Dr. Siti Aminah Mainal and Madam Zainora Abd Wahid from the Department of Economics and Financial Services, FBM. Eight (8) students were selected and they included students from the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Insurance, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) International Business and Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Transport. The journey began on 13 May 2023 when we departed from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 1:45 PM and arrived at Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 3:05 PM. We want to thank Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) for the massive discounts on our flight tickets. Upon arrival, we were greeted by students from UI who took us to meet Dr. Arief Wibisono Lubis and Dr. Dhani at Stuja Coffee restaurant to have our late dinner and discuss upcoming events. We were then later taken to Fave Hotel Margonda at Depok, Jakarta.

On 14 May 2023, which was a Sunday, we took the opportunity to explore Jakarta for a cultural immersion activity. On 15 May 2023, student representative from UI met us at the hotel lobby and we headed out to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah for a cultural visit. We rode the Gondola service or cable cars, witnessed spectacular views of massive and vast museums, and managed to visit a few museums too. On 16 May 2023 morning session, a Financial Literacy Outreach program with Cakra Buana School was held. We were privileged to meet Ibu Siti Nurul, the school’s owner and the principal, Ibu Ely Wulandari. The program started with a welcoming speech by Ibu Siti Nurul, followed by a talk by Dr Siti Aminah Mainal on SMART Financial Goals and Financial Explore Race. Seventy-four (74) junior high school students participated in all the activities with the assistance of our eight students as facilitators. Everyone had a fun time during the event and with goodies and prizes awarded to participants and winners, they seemed to light up their cheerful faces! The event closed with the presentation of gifts from FBM UiTM to Cakra Buana School and also sponsorship from MyFundAction Malaysia, who have generously sponsored 7 “telekungs” and 7 Al-Qurans to the school. In the afternoon, our eight students returned to the Faculty of Economics and Business, UI, to attend a lecture on Corporate Governance by Sir Lukman Hanif Arbi. On the 17 May 2023 morning session, a visit to Bank BTPN Syariah Indonesia was arranged for us. There, we were given talks by Bapak Antonius Priyadi (Treasury and Investor Relation Head), Bapak Fauzan Rizani (Compliance Head), and Ibu Saenah Farida (Daya Head) about the history and accomplishments of the Bank and how Syariah Banks around Indonesia operate. In the afternoon, we returned to UI for a sharing session by Dr Siti Aminah Mainal and Madam Zainora Abd Wahid to students in the Faculty of Economics and Business, (FEB) UI. The next day, 18 May 2023, was a public holiday for Indonesia (Ascension Day of Jesus Christ). We spent time sightseeing in Jakarta again and made preparations for the next day’s big event.

19 May 2023 was the day everyone waited for, the International Financial Literacy Poster Pitching Competition. Three (3) teams participated in the competition and presented their problems-solutions unique ideas on financial literacy challenges. Everyone was amazed at how brilliantly these UI students presented their ideas using the pitch deck presentation templates. The winner, The Bismillah Group, returned with a cash prize of IDR 1,000,000; the first runner-up, Moiya Group, won IDR 500,000; and the second runner-up went to Kopken Group with IDR 150,000 cash prize. After the Friday prayers, the FEB, UI was kind enough to treat us to lunch at the dean’s office and there was also an exchange of gifts from FBM to UI and, likewise, UI to FBM. We also presented MyFundAction Malaysia International Sponsorship to UI through 8 “telekungs” and 8 Al Qurans. On 20 May 2023, it was time to say goodbye to Jakarta and we arrived safely at KLIA at 7:15 PM.

In conclusion, the program has helped us gain new insights and knowledge, explore new cultures, make unforgettable memories, and make new friends. We would also like to thank Malaysia Airlines Berhad and MyFundAction Malaysia again for all the discounts and sponsorships. This program has been a success for us and has a special place in our hearts. We returned from our incredible journey in Indonesia carrying cherished memories and a heart full of gratitude. As the saying goes, the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.