Dr Nik Hakimi Nik Ali, Senior Lecturer at UiTM, Shares Expertise at INMR World Congress 2023 in Bangkok

In a testament to the caliber of educators at UiTM’s College of Engineering, Dr. Nik Hakimi Nik Ali, a distinguished Senior Lecturer, recently took center stage at the INMR World Congress 2023 held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The event, renowned for its focus on power transmission and distribution, provided a global platform for experts to exchange insights, discuss technical advancements, and foster collaborative endeavors.

The INMR World Congress is a premier skills-building and technical enrichment event that encompasses a 3-day conference and a parallel PRODUCT & TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION. It serves as a crucial gathering for professionals in the power engineering field, drawing together engineers and experts to explore the latest developments in the industry.

Dr. Nik Hakimi’s participation as a speaker at the INMR World Congress 2023 follows the resounding success of the 2022 edition held in Berlin, Germany. His inclusion as a distinguished speaker underscores his significant contributions to the field and highlights the recognition of his expertise on the global stage.

At the heart of the congress is a commitment to skills enrichment and knowledge exchange, making it an invaluable opportunity for professionals in power transmission and distribution. Dr. Nik Hakimi’s presence and engagement further enrich the event, contributing to its role as a pivotal platform for shaping the trajectory of the industry.

UiTM takes pride in the achievements of its faculty members, and Dr. Nik Hakimi’s continued involvement in such prestigious events reflects the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the realm of power engineering. As a senior lecturer, Dr. Nik Hakimi’s contributions extend beyond the classroom, influencing the broader landscape of his field.

The success of Dr. Nik Hakimi at the INMR World Congress serves as an inspiring example for other UiTM lecturers and academics. UiTM encourages more faculty members to actively seek and participate in such global platforms, not only to showcase their expertise but also to contribute to the advancement of knowledge within their respective fields.

Participation in international events like the INMR World Congress not only elevates the individual academic’s profile but also brings prestige to UiTM as an institution. It establishes UiTM as a hub for thought leadership and expertise in power engineering, making a lasting impact not only within the academic community but also for the benefit of the broader society and the nation at large.

UiTM believes that by actively participating in such programs, its lecturers and academics can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of their disciplines and contribute to the nation’s growth and development. The university looks forward to seeing more of its esteemed faculty members taking the lead on the global stage, creating a positive impact that resonates far beyond the classroom.