Colloquium UiTM Sabah Branch Tawau Campus 2023

TAWAU, 2 FEBRUARY 2023: A colloquium was successfully held at the Language Laboratory, Universiti Teknologi MARA Sabah Branch (UiTMCSH) Tawau Campus on the 2nd of February 2023. The participants of the colloquium included both the academic and administrative staff from the university. A total of 25 participants attended the on-site mini-conference, which was held for the second time.

The programme is aimed at fostering a research culture among the staff at the university. The main objective of the colloquium is to engage the university staff in academic discussions and sharing of knowledge and expertise. The colloquium provided an opportunity for both academic and administrative staff to exchange knowledge and share their experiences in fields related to teaching and learning, as well as administration and management at the Pre-Diploma level.

A number of presentations and sharing sessions, which touched on a myriad of topics were given by UiTMCSH Tawau Campus lecturers and administrative staff at the colloquium. Among others were The Customary Practices of the Islamic Community in Sabah, Experiences of a UiTM College Residential Staff Member, Self-Reflection on the Teaching and Learning Practices of Study Skills UED102, Instagram as a Teaching and Learning Tool and Analogy Techniques for Teaching Expository Essays.

Like the presenters, the colloquium participants showed a strong commitment throughout the colloquium and were satisfied with the presentation sessions. A participant, Madam Norfazdian Saleng, commented, “The programme is a success to me because I have gained new knowledge from each of the topics presented. The sessions were not only interesting, but also touched on different topics that might benefit those who are not in the same discipline. In addition, a programme like this also helps to foster a stronger bond between the academic and administrative staff here.”

Another staff member, Miss Alfera Zurhain Sairin said, “A range of diverse topics has been covered throughout the sessions and I feel that I have benefitted from the colloquium as a staff member of UiTMCSH Tawau Campus.”

It is hoped that the colloquium will have a positive impact, particularly on promoting a research culture within the campus and developing the organisation of UiTMCSH Tawau Campus as a local institute of higher learning in Malaysia.