Young Interior Designers’ Reunite

MIID Students’ Saturday, is a platform for interior design and interior architecture students to participate in creative competitions, seminars, lectures and talks; as well as providing the opportunity for them to engage with one another in an open yet competitive environment. Apart from networking and building a fellowship, this event acts as another informal method to their design education. This year’s Students’ Saturday is jointly organised by the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) and First City University College (FCUC); and the big event was taking place in FCUC’s Main Campus in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya on the 11th of November 2023.

The theme for this year’s event ISI : IMAGINATION + SENSES + INVENTION
Contemporary architecture and interior design have devolved into clinical spaces that emphasize on objectivity and have become detached to the human experience. ​Designs that seem to cater only to our visual receptors have lost the ability to interact with rest of the human body; leaving us with hollow and empty memories and experiences.​

To arrest this, ISI 20LIMA:10 aims to encourage students to consider the concept of subjective experiences; and attempt to create designs that engage with our other senses. Design that places the human body at the centre rather than an afterthought. Multi-sensory architecture and design aims to create a symphony between interior design elements (volume, light, colour, texture) with our human senses (sight, smell, touch, sound) thus creating memorable and positive experiences.

45 students from Centre of Studies Interior Architecture, College of Built Environment, UiTM Puncak Alam had participated in this event in all categories which includes; Opening Parade & Stage on the Move competition & Design Category (Degree Level). For the first time, there were 4 competitions that required students to collaborate with other universities in one group. The intervarsity competition includes, Seating unit competition, Art Attack competition, Art installation competition & Design Issues competition. Its a challenge for the students yet its a great opportunity to build their networking in the industry & other young designers.

Here’s are the list of the winner for each categories won by Interior Architecture students :

1) Intervarsity competition

Seating Unit : SILVER award
Team Gamma
Wan Abdul Hazeeq Wan Hazeman (sem 06)

Art Installation : GOLD award
Team Delta
Siti Aisah bt Shamsuddin (sem 06)

Art Installation : BRONZE award
Team Omicron
Siti Aishah bt Azahar (sem 06)

Art Attack : SILVER award
Team Sigma
Ayuni bt Abdullah (sem 06)

Art Attack : BRONZE award
Team Phi
Nurul Ain Nabilah Muhamad Idros (sem 06)

Design Issue : GOLD award
Team Omicron
Atiqah binti Mohd Halim (sem 08)

Design Issue : SILVER award
Team Zeta
Muhammad Izhar Firdaus bin Isa (sem 08)

Design Issue : BRONZE award
Team Sigma
Muhammad Syafiq Hazwan bin Mohamad Jaafar (sem 08)

2) Opening parade performance : GOLD award
Student sem 02, 04, 05, 06 & 08

3) Design category

Institutional design : Honourable award
Hazirah Nurathirah bt Sabuddin (sem 08 last semester)

Integrated design : Honourable award : Nur amirah Izzati bt Mokhtar (sem 06)

Congratulations to all Interior Architecture students for their great performance throughout the event. Next year this event will be conducted by Taylor’s University Lakeside. May Interior Architecture students keep their spirits to bring UiTM in another level.