Webinar “Sexual Harassment” Organized by Office Department of UiTM Perak

August 13, 2021 – The Administration Office of UiTM Perak has organized a Webinar on “Sexual Harassment” through online using the WEBEX application. Sexual harassment is an unwelcome act, through words, gestures, touch, psychological and vitual sexual elements that are usually performed over and over.

Objective of the program :

  1. Instill the staff understanding and awareness of sexual harassment in the office.
  2. Provide guidance on actions that can be taken by staff who is experiencing sexual harrasment or Head of Dept. who is responsible in ensuring the safety of the subordinates.
  3. Types of punishment imposed on the perpetrator.

The talk was delivered by Mrs. Faizatul Lina Aliar, Senior Assistant Registrar from the Integrity Unit,UiTM Shah Alam,Selangor starting from 9.00 a.m until 11.00 a.m and attended by 270 participants.