Visitation Of Professor Zhang Dejun, Qinghai University, China

Professor Zhang Dejun, a research fellow of the Research Center for High Altitude Medicine, Medical College, Qinghai University, and currently he is the Deputy Dean of the Ecology and Environmental Engineering College, Qinghai University, China, is attending a one-month program (until 5 February 2023) in Malaysia under the Belt and Road Innovative Talent Exchange foreign expert project with Professor Dr. Wong Tin Wui from the Non-Destructive Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research Centre, Smart Manufacturing Research Institute, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia.

Attached is the brochure of a webinar delivered by him. He has expressed his interest in exploring the possibility of collaborating with other campuses; thus, he was introduced by Professor Wong to visit the Sarawak campus as we have natural product experts and good facilities to support the collaborative research work.

Due to the short notice and limited time spent in Kuching, he was brought to visit Campus 2, particularly several laboratories, including the instrumental laboratory and research laboratory in B Block. He was also brought to several departments and offices. He was introduced to Assistant Rector KS2, KPP PPSG, several PPSG lecturers, the Librarian head, and supporting staff in PJI, Corporate and Administration offices.

An online meeting will be arranged to discuss possible collaborative activities further to benefit both parties.