UiTM Scholars Explore Bali’s Hospitality and Tourism Riches in Summer School Adventure

From August 18th to August 31st, 2023, six undergraduate students from the Hotel Management and Culinary Arts Management Bachelor Degree program, Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Pulau Pinang Branch participated in a Summer School program hosted by Bali Tourism Polytechnic, Indonesia. This initiative aimed to provide the students with a global learning experience in the vibrant world of tourism and hospitality. The primary objective of the program was to broaden their horizons, enhance their interpersonal skills, and foster a deep appreciation for global culture, heritage and arts.

The students were exposed to a diverse range of activities throughout the program. They honed their artistic talents through fruit carving and flower arrangement classes, gaining valuable insights into the aesthetics of Balinese culture. Cultural and heritage field trips immersed them in the rich history and traditions of Bali, while a meaningful community service project at Nusa Dua Beach allowed them to give back to the local community. Additionally, the students had the privilege of visiting the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation, gaining invaluable industry insights and networking opportunities. The program not only enriched their knowledge but also provided a platform for cross-cultural exchange and personal growth.

The students’ participation in the Summer School Program at Bali Tourism Polytechnic was a resounding success. It served as a testament to the university’s commitment to providing students with well-rounded, global learning experiences. The program not only empowered the participants with practical skills but also fostered cultural sensitivity and a deep appreciation for the tourism industry. As these students return to UiTM, they bring back with them a wealth of knowledge and experiences that will undoubtedly benefit them in their future careers in the tourism and hospitality sector.

The success of this visit would not be possible without the support from the UiTM Pulau Pinang Branch management and Department of International Affairs, UiTM Global. The program also would not be successful without the collaborative effort from the host university, Bali Tourism Polytechnic.