UiTM Researchers to Accelerate The Innovation of Li ion Batteries Through Graphene Modified Cathode and Advancing The Battery Charger System for Electric Vehicles (EV)

Due to the global demand of Li ion batteries, which compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is forecasted to grow 34% and surpassing USD 286 million by 2030, innovations to improve its current performance is pivotal.

UiTM embarks on a project on fabrication and modelling of graphene modified cathode materials to enhance the performance of Li ion batteries with advanced charging system. This project is funded by PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd for the duration of two (2) years. Over RM7 million has been allocated to materialise the idea involving researchers from UiTM’s Faculty of Applied Sciences, Institute of Science and College of Engineering.

“We envision this project being a great drive of more local innovations to improve the LiBs performance via integrating graphene into the cathode materials. Our unique approach includes the elucidation of atomic scale features, prediction and screening of the graphene and cathode materials followed by experimental works should successfully produce the excellent properties of cathode resulting in significant improvement of the lithium ion battery performance”- Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohamad Fariz Taib, Faculty of Applied Sciences & Institute of Science.

In relation to this, another researcher, Ir Dr Rahimi Baharom of College of Engineering spearheads development of the advanced battery charger system for electric vehicle. As the world including Malaysia is moving forward with EV, it is the time for us to be part of the change.

“A new EV wireless charging model system could be developed with Active Power Filter (APF) function. With a suitable control, additional features could be implemented in the form of supply side high power factor operation with high efficiency of wireless power transfer”.- Ir Dr Rahimi Baharom, College of Engineering.

This project is in line with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the university strategic plan, towards becoming a globally renowned university by 2025.

Congratulations to all recipients!