The Opening And Closing Ceremony Of (1B1S3RC) Universiti Teknologi Mara Sabah Branch Tawau Campus

TAWAU, 24th JUNE 2022: The “1 Book 1 Semester 3R: Read, Review, and Revive Competition” (1B1S3RC) has finally come to an end. Every effort made by the students throughout this programme has finally paid off. The opening and closing ceremony of 1B1S3RC, organised by the Academy of Language Studies, was held at the Language Laboratory, Universiti Teknologi MARA Sabah Branch (UiTMCSH) Tawau Campus. The presentation of prizes and certificates was performed by the Campus Coordinator.

In line with the objective of this programme, students were required to read, review, and express their opinions about the book they read. Through the reading programme, students were trained to give critical comments on the book chapters, which cover various subjects and fields, thus making them independent readers and thinkers. In addition, the programme has helped to increase students’ awareness of current issues and realise their potential in giving critical and rational comments.

For 1B1S3R Competition 2022, four consolation prizes were awarded to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh place winners. The second runner-up was Nurul Izzah Maisarah Abdul Kadir, while the first runner-up was Mashitah Abdul Hasnu and Nuraliafitri Yusfi Rizal, with her interesting chapter reviews, emerged the winner of 1B1S3RC 2022.

The honourable panel of judges consisted of Ms. Grace Lim, a former supervisor of the St. Patrick Anglican Academy, Tawau and Mr. Brandon Chai An Wei, an English language lecturer of the Academy of Language Studies, UiTMCSH Kota Kinabalu Campus.  The head of the programme, Dr. Choo Siow Chin extended her heartfelt appreciation for the time and effort the judges have tirelessly put in to assess the chapter reviews. She also expressed her sincere thanks to Popular Book Store Tawau for their generous sponsorship of judges’ gifts for this year’s 1B1S3R Competition.

The winner of the 1B1S3RC, Nuraliafitri Yusfi Rizal, said, “It was a pleasure to win this competition. I’ve tried my best to express my thoughts on this book, and it was definitely worth it.” The first runner-up, Nur Mashitah Abdul Hasnu also shared a positive review on the book. “The book really taught me how to manage my thinking and has slightly changed the way I see things lately,” said Nur Mashitah.

One of the judges, Ms. Grace Lim commented, “Some students were able to actually express their own ideas in their reviews, giving their best to win this competition. However, some were just putting back Dobelli’s (the author of the book) words into their reviews, without making any effort to use their own words.” Mr. Brandon Chai, on the other hand, said the students had done a great job in reviewing the whole book; however, they needed to make an extra effort to contribute more original ideas in their book reviews.

Meanwhile, in his opening and closing remarks, the Campus Coordinator congratulated the winners of the competition. He also thanked and congratulated the committee members for successfully organising this competition. “A programme like this gives students the opportunity to share their findings and opinions about the book they have read. This has helped students to actually think more critically about what they have read. This type of programme should be extended to the next generation of students at UiTM,” Tuan Haji Muliyadi Haji Guliling said.

The ceremony ended with a wonderful rendition of “The Climb” by Sarah Naomi Boilil. Finally, a photo session with all the winners, students, and 1B1S3RC committee members was held. It is hoped that the programme which can enhance students’ rational and critical thinking skills can be held again in the future.