‘Strategic Action Plan (SAP) UiTMCP 2024: Globally Respected University. UiTMCP Towards Sustainable Smart Campus 2025’.

On the 31st of January 2024, the Academy of Language Studies of UiTM Perak Branch or Akademi Pengajian Bahasa (APB) organized a Strategic Planning Workshop held at Bilik ILQAM and had invited the honourable Rector Associate Professor Dr. Nur Hisham Ibrahim (PMP) to present a talk during the first session entitled ‘‘Strategic Action Plan (SAP) UiTMCP 2024: Globally Respected University. UiTMCP Towards Sustainable Smart Campus 2025’. This Strategic Planning workshop was divided into five sessions and the participants were APB lecturers from UiTM Seri Iskandar and Tapah.

The Rector gave an enlightening talk about the duties and responsibilities of lecturers. Most importantly, there was a strong emphasis on the importance of striving for excellence while fulfilling the required goals set by the university. UiTM Perak Branch is striving towards becoming a globally respected university while aiming to become a Sustainable Smart Campus by 2025 which encompass four aspects namely Smart Teaching & Learning, Smart Governance & Management, Smart Environment, and Smart Infrastructure. Furthermore, he also inspired everyone to perform their very best while fulfilling the goals required of the university. The honorable Rector also conveyed his high expectations and deep confidence in the APB lecturers to continue attaining excellence and inadvertently raising the standard of the university in 2024 as last year the university had already achieved the targeted KPIs. He also entrusted the lecturers with the responsibility of achieving the targeted goals for 2024 while inspiring everyone to achieve excellence. The honourable Rector constantly spoke about the importance of being fully committed to the duties and responsibilities as educators of the university. In addition, he spoke about the aspirations of the university and the integrity as well as commitment that all lecturers must show at all times. He reminded everyone about professionalism and the need to be fully committed and to perform their job with integrity.

This enlightening talk by the honourable Rector has achieved its goals as it has inspired the APB lecturers of both campuses to strive forward, do whatever is necessary to achieve the desired targets while upholding integrity and displaying professionalism. The Strategic Planning Workshop held by the Academy of Language Studies is a true reflection of the unwavering commitment of the Head of Department of APB or Ketua Pengajian Bahasa (KPP) the respected Puan Sheema Liza Idris and all the lecturers in achieving the goals of the university in being a globally respected university while producing graduates of the highest quality.