Sharing Session With Alumni: Mindset, Focus, Life and Future

In conjunction with World Wood Day 2022 celebration, the Department of Wood Industry Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) (Jengka Campus), Pahang Branch has organized an event of their own which saw the participants consisting of UiTM Alumni as well as representatives from the industry, joining hands in planting trees and building new networks among themselves. The event was held on the 24th of March 2022 at the UiTM Pahang Branch Educational Forest began as early as 8.30 AM with the officiating ceremony followed by the tree planting event and the wood products exhibition.

Later in the afternoon, a sharing session took place with the UiTM Alumni. The participants included 11 students from the Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Furniture Technology program. The speakers in the sharing session were 5 alumni from 5 different areas of the industry: Encik Nik Mohd Thalhah Ahmed Pakaruldin, Encik Shaharin Sulaiman, Encik Ermadasila Mohamad, Encik Abdul Hadi Mohd Pilus and Puan Noor Rawaida Noor Rashid. The aim of the sharing session is to help the students to gain first-hand information and experience from experienced individuals from various related industries.

Encik Nik Mohd Thalhah who works in Commercial Vehicles Sales Planning and Strategy for Isuzu Malaysia began the session by encouraging the juniors to have the right mindset and the right focus if they want to be successful in whatever industry that they feel is right for them.

Encik Shaharin, an alumnus of the Faculty of Art and Design UiTM, is now a senior lecturer in UiTM Malacca Branch. His session highlighted on the concept of being grateful with what we have now to achieve what we want in the future. He advised the students to always remember the social responsibilities while striving for their dream. The same thoughts were also highlighted by Encik Abdul Hadi who is now the director of Tree Integrated Solutions who always work hard to ensure that his business could help others as well.

Encik Ermadasila’s session was a bit personal when he shared his personal story of him being an orphan and he felt that UiTM has helped him to pursue his studies until he managed to get a master’s degree with the affordable fees and encouraging environment. He reminded the students not to let family problems stop them from studying. He is now the managing director at Green Sustainability Resources Sdn Bhd (MD) and the lead auditor at Trans Certification International Sdn Bhd (LA).

The final sharing session was conducted by Puan Noor Rawaida who is currently the Assistant Manager of Human Resources at Boss Seven Engineering Sdn Bhd. She shared some well-wishes to the juniors for their future endeavours. The session went on for about two hours with the students having the chance to gain the most out of the meeting with the alumni. It was definitely an eye-opener for the students, for them to understand that it is a big world out there, with endless possibilities.