Selangkah Ke ” All Star’ Dm54 (Go Glow)” UiTM Cawangan Perak

26 August 2022 : UiTM Perak Administration Office has organized a briefing session named “ Selangkah Ke ‘All Star DM54 (Go Glow) ” virtually through the Webex application. The briefing session was held to explain the procedure and process for the promotion of Senior Lecturers DM51 and DM52 to Associate Professor grade DM54. In addition, there was also questions and answers session.

The Course Objectives are as follows :
1. Identify lecturers who meet the requirements to be guided in filling out promotion documents until to the stage of self-preparation for the interview session.
2. Provide information and promotion guidance to participants.
3. A knowledge sharing session between speakers with the participants.
4. As a sign that the Management of UiTM Perak Branch and the Lecturer’s Promotion Expert Sub-Committee of UiTM Perak Branch are committed with the welfare of staff, especially in relation to career development

The session also discusses the mandatory requirements, online assessment as well as hands on keying in information in the e-compliance system and interview preparation tips.

The briefing was delivered virtually by Associate Professor Dr Abd Mutalib Md Jani as the Lecturer’s Promotion Expert Sub-Committee of UiTM Perak and Associate Professor Sr Dr. Nur Azfahani Ahmad from UiTM Perak branch.A total of 100 participants consisting of Lecturer, Senior Lecturers Grade DM51 and DM52 of UiTM Perak branch participated in the briefing session which started at 9.30 a.m and ended at 10.30 a.m.

At the end of the program, participants are fully equipped with the information required to chart their career path and hopefully, it helps to increase the number of Associate Professor holders in the campus.