LG240 English for Professional Communication Workshop organised by APB UiTM Perak Branch

The Academy of Language Studies UiTM Perak Branch or Akademi Pengajian Bahasa (APB) UiTM Cawangan Perak had organised the LG240 workshop on the 5th and 6th of February 2024 at the Ibnu Firnas meeting room. Beginning March 2024, APB UiTM Perak Branch will be offering a Bachelor’s degree programme which is LG240 Applied Language Studies (Hons.) English for Professional Communication. Puan Sheema Liza Idris the Ketua Pusat Pengajian (KPP) of APB UiTM Perak, Dr. Nuramira Anuar the Coordinator of LG240 of APB UiTM Perak, and Mr. Muhd Syahir Abdul Rani the Coordinator of APB UiTM Tapah campus had initiated this workshop to provide the latest information about LG240 to all the APB lecturers of UiTM Perak.

The guest speakers of the LG240 workshop include the APB Head of Centre and Resource Person (RP) of the respective codes from APB UiTM Shah Alam. The attendees of this workshop mainly comprise of the APB lecturers from the Seri Iskandar and Tapah campuses.

The Head of Centre of LG240 from APB UiTM Shah Alam Datin Dr. Aini Faridah Azizul Hassan began the workshop by providing important information regarding the courses offered by APB which include LG240 Applied Language Studies (Hons.) English for Professional Communication, LG241 Applied Language Studies (Hons.) Malay Language for Professional Communication, LG242 Applied Language Studies (Hons.) Arabic Language for Professional Communication, and LG243 Applied Language Studies (Hons.) English for Intercultural Communication. The workshop proceeded with an in-depth explanation by each resource person regarding the course information and the assessments which will be conducted. Some of the courses include the following:  ALS426, ALS444, EPC424, EPC499, ELC501, ALS457 and so forth. Once the briefing ended, all the RPs and the respective Lecturer-in-charge (LIC) conducted their own discussion about the codes they will be teaching. The APB team from UiTM Shah Alam was given a tour of the campus and its available facilities by Puan Sheema Liza Idris the Ketua Pusat Pengajian (KPP) of APB UiTM Perak, Dr. Nuramira Anuar the Coordinator of LG240, and several other APB lecturers at the end of the workshop.

The APB lecturers were provided the necessary information and exposure about LG240 and it is apparent that the LG240 workshop had indeed fulfilled its objective of not only enlightening the lecturers involved but also strengthening the rapport among them. In this fiercely competitive academic landscape, the lecturers of APB UiTM Perak under the leadership of the respected KPP Puan Sheema Liza Idris will rise to the challenge of producing graduates of the highest standard while ensuring that APB UiTM Perak make an indelible mark in the academic world.