Improving PPE Management: College of Engineering’s Visit to Faculty of Applied Science, UiTM Shah Alam

SHAH ALAM, 25 May 2023 – The College of Engineering’s ‘Unit Bengkel Makmal dan Fasiliti (BMF)’ at UiTM Shah Alam learned a lot about the management of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at the Faculty of Applied Science during a recent benchmarking visit. This visit’s goal was to identify best practices and improve the faculty’s PPE management.

During their visit, representatives from the BMF Unit were able to tour the Faculty of Applied Science and speak with those in charge of PPE management. Understanding the regulations and processes, acquiring appropriate PPE, ensuring proper storage and maintenance, and implementing training and awareness programs were the primary goals.

During their visit, the BMF Unit learned a lot about the regulations that are in place at the Faculty of Applied Science. This knowledge will help them improve the College of Engineering’s existing standards and ensure that the faculty has high-quality equipment that meets their needs.
The BMF Unit learned valuable lessons by observing how PPE was stored and maintained at the Faculty of Applied Science. The College of Engineering can improve its own PPE storage and maintenance processes by adopting best practices from the faculty, ensuring that the equipment remains in excellent condition and readily available for use.

The benchmarking visit also provided useful information about training and awareness programs. The BMF Unit will be able to raise awareness and knowledge about PPE among faculty, staff, and students by evaluating the effectiveness of these programs. Implementing comprehensive training programs will help to make the College of Engineering a safer place.

The College of Engineering’s BMF Unit has developed a list of steps to improve PPE management in the future. Strengthening rules and procedures, establishing a systematic procurement process, improving storage and maintenance practices, and implementing comprehensive training programs are among the steps taken.

This benchmarking visit provided important insights for the Faculty of Engineering at UiTM on how to improve PPE management. By incorporating lessons learned and implementing best practices, the college hopes to create a safe and high-quality environment for its staff and students.
Written by : Ts Ameran Bin Saiman

Edited by : Ts Dr Yazmin Binti Sahol Hamid