FBM at UiTM Sarawak Prioritizes Research Engagement and Publication Growth

2 April 2024 – The Faculty of Business and Management (FBM) at UiTM Sarawak recently held its first meeting for this year at Samarahan 1 Campus on 2nd April 2024. This meeting attended by lecturers from various fields such as International Business, Office Management, Finance, and Marketing, the meeting saw more than 30 academics in attendance.

The meeting focused on discussions regarding the productivity of faculty members, which is recorded in MyATP, and the grading system used for faculty assessments. A significant moment during the meeting was the appointment of faculty representatives for the FBM Research and Industrial Linkages initiative. This initiative aims to strengthen ties between academia and industry, fostering collaboration in research and knowledge exchange.

Lecturers were encouraged to actively participate in research and scholarly publications, with a target of producing at least two research publications annually.

The meeting, lasting for 2 hours, demonstrated FPP’s commitment to fostering a vibrant research environment. This commitment reflects the faculty’s dedication to academic excellence and its aspiration to establish itself as a center of learning and intellectual pursuit.

Following the meeting, lecturers engaged in a joyful Aidilfitri photography session, capturing moments of camaraderie and festive spirit. Dressed in traditional attire, they exchanged greetings and well wishes, embodying the essence of the festive season.

The photography session not only celebrated cultural diversity but also reinforced the bonds within the academic community. It provided an opportunity for lecturers to strengthen connections beyond academic boundaries, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

As the photographs were taken, the spirit of Eid permeated the room, highlighting the inclusive and harmonious ethos of the Faculty of Management and Business (FPP) at UiTM Sarawak.