Empowering Communities: Safe Medication Disposal Campaign

In our ongoing dedication to community well-being and environmental safety, the Safe medication Disposal (SAFE-MEDd) team embarked on a crucial mission to address the often overlooked issue- proper and safe medication disposal. As stewards of health and environmental responsibility, “Kempen Kesedaran Pelupusan Ubat secara Selamat” aimed at educating and empowering our community to safely dispose of medications.

The event commenced on Saturday morning, December 16, 2023, at Dewan MPKS Saujana Utama, Sg Buloh, with an array of engaging programs. Officiated by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Taufek Abdul Rahman, the rector of UiTM Selangor, the event featured insightful sessions led by esteemed experts. Mr. Kee Zheng Xun (Pharmacist, Alpro Pharmacy Saujana Utama), Mr. Ahmad Fauzi Dali (Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy UiTM), and Madam Hazwani Jamaluddin (Research Officer, NAHRIM) delved into topics such as good medication management, roles of pharmacist in and the environmental impact of improper disposal. Besides the sharing session, there were also free health screenings conducted by the B. Pharm. students, educational booths, and retails. Not to mention, several activities were conducted to attract the involvement of young children through soap-making activity, 3D printing, animal care, and a coloring contest by several teams from the Faculty of Pharmacy UiTM.


The collaboration with Alpro Pharmacy with the features of Air Selangor, Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia and non-governmental organizations, Ini Sains Beb! significantly amplified the campaign’s outreach. As many have known, Alpro pharmacies across Malaysia facilitate safe disposal through strategically placed collection bins. During the event, Alpro pharmacy provided a collection bin where the community returned the unwanted medication. Ini Sains Beb! engaged children in educational activities to instill awareness, while Air Selangor advocated for accessible and clean water resources for the community.

The heart of our success was the active participation of the community. Saujana Utama’s Residence Representative Council even shared the event details on social media, fostering widespread involvement. Over 300 participants, including community members and UiTM delegates, joined the event, demonstrating a shared commitment to health and environmental stewardship. Interestingly, the campaign managed to collect 5kg of various medications, including supplements, antihypertensive and antidiabetic medications that were returned during the event. This demonstrates a growing community awareness of proper medication disposal and their invaluable support.

As we celebrate this milestone, we acknowledge the need to expand our efforts to broader communities. Our commitment to promoting health and environmental sustainability extends beyond our upcoming event in 2024, which will serve as a collaborative effort involving other faculties and Hospital Al-Sultan Abdullah (HASA). This initiative marks the beginning of a new series of campaigns, demonstrating our dedication to expanding our impact. Additionally, we are eager to enhance Alpro’s involvement as our primary partner through the signing of further Memorandums of Agreement (MoAs), laying the groundwork for future endeavors aimed at educating the community and empowering policy initiatives.

Finally, the success of our campaign to safely dispose of medication shows how powerful it can be when all parties work together. By joining forces, we’ve protected our community’s health and set the stage for a safer, healthier future.#Together,WeSupportSafeMedicationDisposal