Yogyakarta Exploration: SUDARA was carried out successfully from September 3 to September 9, 2023. On August 30, 2023, the Online Pre-flight Programme was also conducted. This programme is one of the catalysts for scholastic, community, and volunteering activities among students and APB citizens, as well as the formation of an industry network with external organisations. This programme was inspired by the annual message delivered by the Vice Chancellor of UiTM regarding the promotion of volunteerism and the expansion of industry networks.

The Service Learning Malaysia (SULAM) and Charity Visit to the University of Yogyakarta was conducted through the implementation of the program’s two main pillars, namely the APB UiTM-Universitas Yogyakarta knowledge sharing and cross-language sessions. The nature of this concern is also consistent with UiTM’s image, which is synonymous with strategic initiatives for 2023 under the theme “UiTM Global Marketable.” This programme also intends to cultivate a network of scholarship and knowledge exchange between the two countries.

This programme was attended by 12 students from LG240, LG241, LG242, and LG243, as well as four chaperones. Throughout the programme, four engaging activities were implemented. First, an online introduction to the Indonesian language and culture with three universities: Universitas Muhammadiyyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD), and Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) was hosted. This activity seeks to familiarise participants with the representatives of each Yogyakarta university and language and culture programme.

Secondly, the team visited four institutions, including the Fakultas Ilmu Budaya at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Fakultas Pengajian Bahasa at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY), and Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD). Academic staff mobility, lecturer and student visits, and student exchanges, curriculum collaboration, grants, research, and publications, and MoU/A discussions with UGM were highlighted during the visit. Additionally, a Best Academic Practice sharing session between UMY, UNY, UAD, and APB was held. Students from APB then promoted “Edutainment Game” and the MLO2.0 programme.

The third activity was the APB UiTM International Volunteer Programme: ” Mengabdi Desa” with the Masjid Agung Gamping Ambarketawang community. This programme, in which all SUDARA 2023 participants and representatives from the three universities involved in the Masjid Agung Gamping Ambarketawang participated, seeks to assist the community in cleaning the mosque and preparing dinner for 200 locals.

“Microteaching” was the concluding activity carried out by APB UiTM for SD Ambarketawang. At Sekolah Dasar (SD) Ambarketawang, SUDARA 2023 participants led instructional sessions. Two subjects have been taught in SD: Cross-Cultural Languages (English, Arabic, and Indonesian) and the alphabet in sign language (ASL).

The organisation of this programme is hoped to nurture the spirit of volunteerism among APB citizens and successful students. APB and the Universitas in Yogyakarta were also successful in their efforts to establish scholarly relations and knowledge sharing.