Celebrating a New Dawn: The National Radiological Workshop in Rehabilitation Medicine

SUNGAI BULOH, 10th August 2023 – The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at UiTM led the way, bringing to the fore a ground-breaking national radiological workshop titled “Picture Perfect: Mastering Imaging Interpretation in Rehabilitation Medicine”. Set against the grand backdrop of the Kompleks Auditorium Khalid Yusoff, this two-day workshop charted new terrains in medical enlightenment.

With an impressive turnout of 80 professionals, from budding rehabilitation medical officers and master’s degree trainees to experienced rehabilitation physicians, the workshop became a nexus of learning and exchange.

Decoding the Workshop’s Vision

Understanding the vital role of imaging interpretation in Rehabilitation Medicine, the course was curated to delve deep into this subject. Especially when a vast spectrum of Rehabilitation Medicine focuses on neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, the workshop’s agenda struck the right chord with its audience, ensuring the content was directly relevant to practitioners.
The event’s ambience was set on a spiritual note by Dr. Muhamad Rahimi Mohd Rusli, whose eloquent prayer beckoned blessings for a triumphant session. This paved the way for Dr. Nor Faridah Ahmad Roslan, the department’s stalwart leader, to take the stage with a motivating speech, eventually inaugurating the workshop.

An Assembly of Thought Leaders

An event is only as good as its speakers, and this workshop boasted a galaxy of them. From the Radiology Department, luminaries like Associate Professor Dr. Hilwati Hashim, Dr. Khairiah Mat Nor, Dr. Natasha Mohd Arifin, and Dr. Mohd Syukry Mohd Khalid shared their expertise. From the corridors of Shah Alam Hospital’s Department of Orthopaedics, Dr. Muhammad Azrin Mohd Asihin lent his voice to the discourse. Together, they demystified topics ranging from brain and spine CT & MRI to the subtleties of joint X-rays and the diagnostic prowess of CT & MRI for lower back pain.

Interactions, Insights, and Immense Gratitude

What set the workshop apart was not just the content but also the lively discussions on gripping cases from the Rehabilitation Medicine universe. The animated Q&A sessions showcased the thirst for knowledge among attendees. Feedback echoed the sentiment of appreciation, marking the event as a trendsetter.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the speakers whose oratory magic was a key highlight. Kudos also to the unsung heroes – the organizing committee – whose relentless efforts crafted this masterpiece of an event.

As this memorable chapter concluded, our aspirations soared. We look ahead, hopeful of creating many such milestones, dreaming of this workshop growing into an annual congregation, uplifting and enlightening the rehabilitation medicine community.