Call for Papers! 8th International Conference on Science and Social Research (CSSR2021)

We are pleased to invite you to the 8th International Conference on Science and Social Research (CSSR2021), a flagship event of the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation), which will take place via Virtual Presentation on 8-9 December 2021. Regardless of the new norm, this conference can continue to be an excellent venue for researchers, academics, students, and practitioners from industry to engage in cross-disciplinary knowledge and technology sharing. This year’s theme is Pioneering Breakthrough Research for Social Well-Being, with the goal of advancing the research agenda for social benefits. This virtual conference will cover a broad range of disciplines, from science and technology to social science and humanities, and will feature SIX conference tracks tailored to your specific research interests.

Conference Tracks

1) Industrial Technology:

Advanced Materials, Smart Manufacturing, Plant and Process and Construction & Infrastructure

2) Cyber Technology:

Space & Satellite, Big Data & Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Robotics & AI and Smart Sensors

3) Health & Wellness:

Preventive healthcare, Sick Care, Rehabilitative Care, Genomics, Non-Communicable Disease and Natural Product

4) Logistics & Transportation:

Transportation, Logistics & Halal-hub, EV-AV, UAV, and Aviation

5) Energy & Environment:

Water Security, Renewable Energy, Environment & Climate Change, Solar Technology, Biodiversity and Food Security

6) Social Creativity & Innovation:

Creativity, Islamic Finance Fintech, Socio Innovation, B40-Talent, Entrepreneurship & Artrepreneur and Socio-Economic

For the last few years, over 200 articles from CSSR conferences have been published in WoS/Scopus-indexed journals! Join us in order to have your research published.

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