Invitation to Professorial Talk by Prof. Dr. Faizah Abd. Majid

Faculty of Education UiTM Cawangan Selangor is pleased to invite everyone (UiTM staff and non-UiTM staff) to attend a Professorial Talk by Prof. Dr. Faizah Abd. Majid, an esteemed professor of adult education. Training hours will be recorded for UiTM staff and an e-certificate is provided to non-UiTM attendees.

Below are the details of the event:

Title Professorial Talk: ‘I’m a Teacher, I’m a Thinker: Unraveling the Art of ‘Thinking’ in Teaching’
Date: 12 April 2021 (Monday)
Time: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
Platform Cisco Webex
Join by meeting number
Meeting number (access code) 184 852 5803
Meeting password EventSeries
Live Stream via YouTube Live
*Training hours for UiTM attendees on both platforms

Featured Speaker Prof. Dr. Faizah Abd. Majid
Professor, Faculty of Education, UiTM
Director of Academic Development and Management Division
Institute of Continuing Education and Professional Studies (iCEPS), UiTM

Prof. Dr. Faizah Abd Majid is a Professor in Adult & Higher Education at the Faculty of Education, UiTM. Currently, she serves as the Director of Academic Develoment and Management at the Institute of Continuing Education and Professional Studies (iCEPS).She has received both international and national research grants and published in various indexed journals and book chapters all within the areas of Adult & Higher Education, TESL, and professional development. Besides training pre- and in-service teachers, Faizah is a master trainer in the Malaysian Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) in which she develops modules and facilitates the professional growth of fellow academics across the nation. In this regard, she concentrates on the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL). In terms of networking, Faizah has been appointed as an academic assessor by both international and national Ministries and higher education institutions. She has also been invited as keynote speaker in several international conferences and, of late, a series of webinars. Based on her involvement and achievements in the field of Adult Education, Faizah was awarded the ‘Distinguished Scientist in Adult Education’ by Venus International Foundation based in India in 2019. On top of all that, her family and friends have known Faizah as someone who is cheerful and passionate. Married with three children and a daughter to an ailing mother, Faizah believes in ‘family is always first’. Travelling, dining, and reading are her favourite past
time and best done when she is with her loved ones.

Thank you for your support and we are more than delighted to have you at the event!
See you online!