Prof. Dr. Chan Yuen Fook on EDU Scholar Webinar Series

 The EDU Scholar Webinar Series organized a webinar on Publishing in an Indexed Journal. This program was accomplished via online video conference using Google Meet and its proprietary streaming application. This joint effort by UiTM’s Faculty of Education and Research and Innovation Division was presented by Prof. Dr. Chan Yuen Fook, a lecturer from the Faculty of Education itself.

The session that lasted for 90 minutes received quite the rousing response as close to one thousand have registered to participate in the webinar. The webinar emphasizes on the importance of publishing as academicians today, and what it means for future educators’ and their need to do research.

The esteemed speaker, Prof Dr. Chan provided a guide on how to choose the right journal when educators are faced with the necessity to do so in their line of work. With the right tools, choosing the right platform is perfectly achievable despite the seemingly overwhelming number of indexed choices available.

Although the webinar is mostly joined by those with a bevy of experience within the field of education, Prof Dr, Chan provided some guidance for those who are new to writing their own papers, from coming up with effective titles, labeling with relevant keywords to more specific challenges such as things to avoid during the writing process.

At the end of the online discussion, participants were given the opportunity to present their questions directly to the speaker, to which he responded with sincere dedication towards the subject.