Faculty of Education’s All-Star Academic Awards Celebrates Silver Jubilee and Honours Outstanding Achievements

The Office of Deputy Dean Academic, the Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), recently held the 2nd All-Star Academic Awards ceremony, to recognize outstanding academic achievement among undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition to the Dean’s List Award, 13 awards recognizing various aspects of academic excellence were ‘handed out’ during the online event streamed on January 8th 2023. The audience was also serenaded and entertained by 12 performances ranging from shorts and vlogs, to dance, singing and rapping, some of which were self-composed and produced by the students. Hyping up to the vibe were Syazreen Yunadia Mazlan and Muhammad Azam Muddin Ishak of the Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Teaching English as a Second Language, the masters of ceremony for the event.

The award ceremony also highlighted the Faculty of Education’s Silver Jubilee Celebration, marking 25 years of the faculty’s establishment. A short montage showcasing the history of the faculty and congratulatory messages from former deans, retired staff, and alumni were also captured.

Welcoming the audience to the ceremony, Dr. Hamimah Hashim, Deputy Dean Academic, extended her congratulatory note to all the Dean’s List recipients, award nominees and students for the hard work and dedication put into their studies. In her opening speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Sharipah Ruzaina Syed Aris, conveyed her admiration to all students who managed the online and face-to-face learning environments extremely well in addition to the engagement in various programs and events organized by the faculty. The ceremony also featured the Faculty of Education’s Valedictorian for the year 2021, Muhammad Syahir Adib Sulaiman, the faculty’s top graduate from the Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Physical and Health Education. Muhammad Syahir, more fondly known as Cikgu Agon, shared practical learning tips and strategies and reminded the students of the importance of discipline, maintaining a positive learning environment and taking care of one’s mental health as the recipe for success.

Congratulations to all the award winners and nominees. Congratulations to all the Faculty of Education’s students who strive for academic excellence with resilience, adaptability and determination in studies and life. Here is the list of awards conferred during the ceremony:

Dean’s List Award
Super Nova Academic Awards
Top Student Award
Outstanding SULAM Award
Penman Award
Stellar Innovator Award
Role Model Award
Avant-garde Award
Ambassador Award
TESL Foundation’s Academic Excellence Award
Postgraduate Publication Award (Master’s Degree)
Postgraduate Publication Award (PhD)
Postgraduate Graduate on Time Award
Outstanding Postgraduate Supervisee Award

For a list of winners and recipients, head out to the Faculty of Education’s Official YouTube channel to watch the award ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JuORM0USpM&t=2291s

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Congratulations once again to all the winners and award recipients.