Cardiac Rehabilitation Program(CRP) Phase 3 : A step Towards Recovery and Productivity

In a bid to promote cardiovascular health and support individuals recovering from cardiac events, UiTM Sungai Buloh Campus hosted the much-anticipated Cardiac Rehabilitation Program: Phase 3 on the 5th of March 2024. A dedicated Cardiac Rehabilitation team, together with cardiac nursing team,  with a turnout of 25 eager participants, the event marked a significant step forward in the journey towards cardiac wellness.

The program commenced at 8:00 am with an invigorating warming-up session led by the esteemed Exercise Physiologist, Ms Noor Fatihah binti Ilias. Participants actively engaged in exercises designed to prepare their cardiovascular systems for the day’s activities, setting a positive and energizing tone for the event.


The highlight of the day was the 2-kilometer Walkathon, which took participants on a scenic route around the UiTM Sungai Buloh campus. All participants completed the walkathon safely within 20 minutes then continue with another challenging exercise to improve flexibility and strength exercise conducted by Ms Noor Fatihah assisted by the team. This activity not only promoted physical activity but also fostered a sense community among the participants as they strode towards better heart health together. The event emphasized the importance of incorporating regular physical activity into daily routines, a key component of cardiac rehabilitation.

Following the energizing physical activities, an insightful forum titled “Pulih & Produktif: Panduan Kembali Bekerja Pasca Serangan Jantung” took place, moderated by Dr Mazlifah binti Omar. The panelists included representatives from SOCSO (Social Security Organization) Puan Nasiha Shakina binti Shariffuddin alongside our knowledgeable occupational therapist, Puan Hanisah binti Mahmood. The forum provided invaluable insights into the practical aspects of resuming work after a cardiac event, offering guidance on managing stress, adopting healthy lifestyle habits, and navigating workplace challenges with confidence.

As the event drew to a close, participants departed with renewed motivation and a wealth of knowledge to guide them on their journey towards cardiac wellness. The whole phase of Cardiac Rehabilitation Program not only served as a platform for education and awareness but also as a collection of hope and life motivations for individuals navigating the traumatizing cardiac event experience and complexities of post-cardiac event recovery.

In conclusion, the event exemplified UiTM commitment particularly Cardiac Rehabilitation Team, in promoting holistic well-being and fostering a community of support for individuals on their cardiac rehabilitation journey. With initiatives like these, we continue to make strides towards building a healthier and happier future for our patients and the community.

List of committee members involved: Faiz Syazwan Bin Kamsan, Nurul Hana Binti Ismail, Herwan Bin Sarom, Muhammad Ashraf Bin Mohd Kasid, Siti Asmahani Nabillah Bt Ismail,  Nurul Nadiah Binti Abd Rahman, Fatin Nur Afiqah Binti Zulkifli, Abdul Qahhar Muzakkar Bin Aziz, Norsyefa Razali, Kamalruzaman Mustapha, Muhammad Aliff Haikal Roslan, Mohamad Syafiq B Abd Ghani, Shazwani Zamri, Adilah Husni Salahuddin, Syafiqah Binti Othman, Dr Mazlifah Omar, Dr Puteri Alina Hasanudin Basri Asmara