Urban Explorer Unveils Civil Engineering Wonders

The “Urban Explorer: Unveiling Civil Engineering Wonders” program took place on May 11, 2024, at Asrama Darul Falah PERKIM (ASDAF) in Kuala Lumpur. The event brought together 60 enthusiastic secondary school students for a day of discovery and learning, highlighting the marvels of civil engineering. The program, organized in collaboration with the Women Engineers Section of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and under the subject Engineering in Society integrating SULAM i.e. Service Learning Malaysia – University for Society (SULAM), aimed to inspire the next generation of engineers by highlighting civil engineering’s impact on urban development.

The program focused on knowledge transfer in civil engineering practices, with access to four major elements: structure, soil, water, and the environment via an exploration platform. The students were divided into eight groups and competed against each other to complete engineering tasks at various stations. Students in the structure category completed tasks such as building spaghetti towers and bridges, which helped them understand stability and architectural principles. Water-related activities, such as building water filters and navigating straw boats, allowed students to learn about water’s properties and filtration methods. Soil-focused challenges, such as dealing with landslides, helped them gain a better understanding of soil mechanics and erosion prevention. Finally, environmental activities such as eco-matching and 3D building projects inspired students to think about larger ecological concepts and sustainability practices. Under the direction of Ir Noorfaizah Hamzah, the program emphasized the importance of engineering in shaping sustainable urban environments and instilled a greater appreciation for the profession in young minds.