UiTM and Bank Rakyat’s Collaborative Effort Launches UNIpreneur 4.0 Program for Asnaf Entrepreneurs

20 May 2024 – In a significant stride towards fostering entrepreneurial skills among students, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) has partnered with Bank Rakyat to launch the UNIpreneur Program. This initiative, spearheaded by the Academy of Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MASMED) at UiTM, aims to provide financial support and entrepreneurial training to student entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds.

The UNIpreneur Program, now in its fourth edition, is set to run from May 2024 to November 2024. This hybrid program, conducted both physically and online, is designed to nurture the potential of budding student entrepreneurs. The program is open to 30 students from the Asnaf category, offering a generous grant of RM3,000 to each participant, which does not require repayment. Additionally, participants will benefit from a series of comprehensive entrepreneurial training sessions.

Eligibility for the UNIpreneur Program is extended to Malaysian citizens who are Asnaf students with a minimum of three months of business operation. This inclusivity allows student entrepreneurs from various academic levels, from skill certificate programs to PhD candidates, to benefit from the initiative. The program’s six-month duration, from May 2024 to November 2024, is structured to provide continuous support and development for the participants.

Each selected student will receive RM3,000 in seed funding, a generous financial boost that aims to alleviate financial constraints and empower students to focus on expanding their businesses. In addition to financial support, the UNIpreneur Program places a strong emphasis on training. Participants will have access to comprehensive entrepreneurial training sessions, which are designed to enhance their business acumen and operational skills. This combination of funding and education ensures that students are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and succeed in their ventures.

MASMED emphasized the importance of this collaboration in providing vital support to student entrepreneurs, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The UNIpreneur Program is more than just a financial aid initiative; it is a comprehensive platform for Asnaf students to develop their business ideas and grow their enterprises.

The registration for the Bank Rakyat UNIpreneur 4.0 is now open, and interested students are encouraged to apply before the deadline on 24 May 2024. This initiative not only aligns with Malaysia’s MADANI vision but also underscores the commitment of UiTM and Bank Rakyat to serve the nation by empowering future leaders in the entrepreneurial landscape.