Transforming Visual for the Social Media

12 -13 March 2019 – A very interesting and challenging workshop is organized by InQKA for selected staff from UiTM who need to know the trick of the trade of writing and visualizing information that tells the right message to the right audience.

Ranking champions and corporate communication representatives were among those present at the workshop. Thank you to Mr. Osman a professional photojournalist from NSTP for the sharing of what lies behind a news photo.

Among others, the speaker was sharing on tips and skills on how to take good pictures that speaks for itself. It is a very good exposure and worth sharing to the participants for the purpose of UiTM promotions.
Hearing from another expert Madam Fadzlena Jafar, Journalist Berita Harian.

Workshop on writing and visualizing information from Pn. Fadzlena, a professional journalist and HOD of Lifestyle Vertical Department in New Straits Time Press for sharing her expertise on good writing for effective communications.

While the first day exposed the participants to do’s and don’ts when taking pictures, the second day focused on writing a good message/ caption to the visual image. It is hoped that the two-day workshop will expose the participants to be able to capture good pictures and write story effectively to make UiTM more visible worldwide.