Promoting Modern Railway Technology Transfer to Enhance Safety and Efficiency of Operation and Maintenance of Railway Connecting Between Thailand- Lao- China

Maruay Garden Hotel, Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, 26 Julai 2022 – Based on a fruitful cooperation for many years between the Railway Transportation System Testing Center (RTTC), Bangkok and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) with MOU signed on 15th February 2022, a program on promoting modern railway technology transfer to enhance safety and efficiency of operation and Maintenance of railway connecting Thailand- Lao- China had been held at Maruay Garden Hotel, Bangkok.

Picture 1: Opening ceremony at Maruay Garden Hotel, Bangkok

Participants in the seminar include participants from UiTM, National University of Laos (NUOL) and local universities academician and industries personnel. This seminar was organized as a part of RTTC efforts to promote the center’s expertise and facilities in maintenance and testing of various procedures in modern railway technology. This is for the promotion of cooperation for railway technology transfer in ASEAN region for the development of the continuity of the railway track in Southeast Asia connecting China. Furthermore, this seminar promotes railway operation and maintenance to increase efficiency and enhance safety in freight transportation with the aim to generate highly skilled personnel in the field of railway operation and maintenance as well as to develop platforms that support the modern railway’s track testing and maintenance.

Picture 2: Participants of the first day program

The program was held over two (2) days. On the first day, there were sharing sessions from experts in railways development and testing from Thailand, China and Australia. The first talk was delivered by Professor Dr. Chaosuan Kanchanomai from Thammasat University with the topic “Technology Transfer: Influence of toe load on the fatigue resistance of elastic rail clips”.

Picture 3: Visiting RTTC facility at Pathum Thani

The second session was delivered by CRRC, Qingdao Sifang with the topic Railway operation and modern railway maintenance”. This sharing was informative and revealed the current technology in railways and high-speed trains. The first day also included the sharing from RTI Australia and King Mongkut’s University of Technology that explained the modern technology in inspecting track and railway.

Picture 4: Some of the high technology facilities at RTTC

The second day of the program brings participants to RTTC facilities in Pathum Thani. On the visit, we were brought to see the machines available in RTTC. Among the high technology facilities are H-Rail vehicles, High-load braking Testing machine, High Tensile Testing machine and other inspection equipment. The director of RTTC, Dr Anat Hasap expressed their interest in cooperating with the Malaysian government to support research universities working with industry for the economic growth of ASEAN region.