The Global Insights Essay Contest 2023

Arau, 26 May 2023 – The Academy of Language Studies and Student Affairs Division, UiTM Perlis Branch together with University of Finance and Economics (UFE), Mongolia held their annual essay competition last month. The purposes of this program are to strengthen collaboration and cooperation between UiTM and UFE, to enhance students’ academic performance through international competition and to showcase students’ academic skills and knowledge.

The contest is based on the 4th Sustainable Development Goal of “Quality Education”. Students are required to write a 300 – 350 word expository essay on the following topic: “Inclusiveness Builds Peace”. The essays were judged based on the following categories: response to the topic; quality and clarity of thought; syntax and command of language; grammar, usage and mechanics and organization, development and support. 123 entries were received from students from various faculties and 10 were selected to represent UiTM to compete with UFE.

All participating students were awarded a Certificate of Participation from both universities and the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd received a Certificate of Special Recognition in a joint online award ceremony which was held on 26 of May 2023, Friday 4.00-5.00pm via Webex. The GIEC 2023 joint online award ceremony was officiated by the Rector of UiTM Perlis Branch, Malaysia. Representatives who attended the ceremony were the Vice President of Undergraduate Studies and Research (UFE), the Head Department of the Institute of Foreign Languages (UFE), the Head of Learning Centers, GIEC 2023 committee members, judges, lecturers and participating students. UiTM Perlis students who won the GICE 2023 were Alia Ellisya binti Hamidon (1st place), Muhammad Nur Hafeez bin Samsul (2nd place), and Ahmad Ahza bin Mohamad Nasir (3rd place).