Teachers’ Professional Development in Pakistan: A Sharing Session at the Faculty of Education

The Asian Centre for Research on University Learning and Teaching (ACRULET), Faculty of Education had organized a Professional Discourse as one of the programs under its Professional Development Series. The invited speaker, Prof. Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani from the Faculty of Social Sciences, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), Pakistan is a prominent professor in education with 27 years of experience in various educational institutions in his home country.

Presenting on ‘Teacher Education in Pakistan: National Standards of Teachers’, Prof. Dr. Jumani also focused on teachers’ professional development in addition to the country’s national education system and education pathways.

The event was attended by the staffs and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Education. Prof. Dr. Jumani’s insights on the Pakistan education system specifically and current trends and issues in education generally had triggered meaningful discussions between the members of the floor.

Questions and opinions shared revolved on comparative education systems, teachers’ professional development practice as well as the future direction of education and teacher training.

In addition to Prof. Dr. Jumani, the delegates from IIUI consisted of Prof. Dr. Samina Malik, the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and staff from the faculty’s top management. Prior to the professional development session, the delegates attended a meeting with the ACRULET’s committee members chaired by Prof. Dr. Parmjit Singh Aperapar Singh, ACRULET’s Deputy Director.

The aims of the meeting were to discuss potential collaborations between the two institutions with impactful programs and activities for both staffs and students.