Talk about Graphene for Solar Cell by Ab Malik Marwan

Assoc. Prof. Dr Ab Malik Marwan, the Head of Centre for Advanced Materials

A leisure and cool science talk was successfully conducted at the He and She café, Menara SAAS UiTM Shah Alam. This talk was moderated by Dr Mohd Muzamir Mahat, meanwhile the main speaker was Assoc. Prof. Dr Ab Malik Marwan, the Head of Centre for Advanced Materials, Institute of Science. The topic of discussion was Graphene For Solar Cell.

The talk was streaming LIVE on facebook of Faculty of Applied Sciences UiTM Shah Alam. They were discussing about the utilisation of Graphene to be added onto the photo -anode. This is highly important for the surface of solar cell in preparation to capture high surface area, promoting for electron mobility. Consequently, energy generation can be improved and be optimised.

Approximately, there are about more than 40 attendees have listened to the talk, consisting the mechanism of Solar Cell and current approaches and findings. First 20 of them have been given free coffee, sponsored by Professor Ts Dr Rozana Mohd Dahan and The Office of research, Alumni and Industrial Linkages. The whole session was ended up within 45 minutes.

The organising committee wishes there will be more events like this can be organised. They are looking forward to having the 4th series in anytime soon.

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