Staff Mobility to Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE), University of Birmingham

An inked MOU between UiTM and UOB in year 2018 has led to the first Staff Mobility for a week course at UOB. Two FCE, UiTM staffs were involved for Course on Railway Engineering and Infrastructure.

This is actually an Affiliated Module for their Masters Program which was incorporated for their Bespoke Training. The two staffs from FCE were namely, Ir Ts Dr Renga Rao Krishnamoorthy and PM Dr Ahmad Kamil.

The vast experience shared by speakers throughout the course has given in-depth knowledge in Railway Engineering and Infrastructure. A group work assignment was given to present the best possible design for track laying with obstacles around the vicinity of the track line.

Ir Ts Dr Renga Rao Krishnamoorthy and PM Dr Ahmad Kamil

This has led to complex based engineering solution shared by participants from around the world. They have also shared their codes of practice in their respective countries. At the end of the course, test was given to all participants to test their understanding of the course module.

In addition, apart from course that was attended, the next phase for the MOU will be to jointly organised seminar programs and also joint PhD supervision. The Director of BCRRE, Prof Clive Roberts has welcomed future holistic activities which benefits both institutions at large.