Meet and Greet Session APB with Mensa Penang Chapter

On the 2nd of April 2024, a meeting was hosted by the Academy of Language Studies (APB) UiTM Cawangan Perlis with delegates from Mensa Penang Branch. The meeting was attended by Dr. Latisha Asmak Shafie, Head of the Study Center of APB, Puan Surina Nayan, Puan Azalia and Dr. Marcia Jane. Representing Mensa Penang were Mr. Noel Yeoh, the Chairman of Mensa Penang, along with Mensans Mr. Jayaram Menon, also the founder of Roadrunner and Mr. Yeoh Ban Lye.  These accomplished individuals have a penchant for designing puzzles that challenge the boundaries of logical and reasoning thinking.

Mensa, as an international organization, embodies intelligence and aims to bring individuals with high intelligence and like-minded individuals together. It provides a platform to view the world from diverse perspectives to have dialogues, facilitating learning and the testing ideas. The primary focus of the meeting was to explore avenues for collaboration and partnership between both parties. Various topics were discussed regarding how to better serve the community, with a particular emphasis on hosting preliminary events locally in Perlis. Beyond competitions like the Puzzler’s Challenge, the meeting also aimed to develop activities that encourage students to think critically and creatively, utilizing different thinking methodologies.  The Puzzler’s Challenge is one of the activities that aligns with Mensa’s core beliefs in out-of-the-box thinking. Education, as discussed, should extend beyond the confines of the classroom, promoting values such as tolerance, respect, and diversity. These activities could include workshops on problem-solving, logic puzzles, and creative writing sessions designed to foster imaginative thinking.

Moreover, discussions revolved around mentorship programs where Mensa members could share their expertise and insights with students, offering guidance on career paths, academic pursuits, and personal development. Additionally, there were talks about organizing seminars and guest lectures featuring prominent intellectuals and experts from various fields to expose students to diverse knowledge and perspectives. It is hoped that through collaborative efforts, similar activities can be fostered to nurture a passion for unconventional thinking and learning among academics and students in UiTM Perlis and other educational institutions.