Malaysia – United States Of America International Virtual Exchange Program 2022

The Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Pulau Pinang Branch, Malaysia, has successfully organised the International Virtual Exchange Program 2022 in collaboration with Iowa State University, United States of America. The faculty has hosted four live webinar series led by Dr Nur Hidayah Che Ahmat and her team members (Dr. Wan Rusni Wan Ismail, Dr. Rafidah Aida Ramli, Dr. Anderson Ngelambong, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norfezah Md Nor, Zamri Ahmad, Ahmad Redhuan Abu Bakar, Elyssa Maisara Ahmad Russlin, Wan Siti Nor Azma Ab Aziz, Fadzhiathul Azwa Fudzali, Nor Hafizah Mazlan, Nadia Liana Mohd Karim, Noor Saliza Salmi, Putri Dahlia Ab Rashid).

This initiative aligns with the cooperation areas outlined in the two institutions’ memorandum of understanding (MoU). The primary purpose is for both institutions to engage in various activities continuously, including an exchange program, jointly organising a conference, matching grant, study abroad program, and many more. Additionally, this program helps the institutions achieve the yearly key performance index, such as the number of international programs/activities for active MoU/MoA for the current year, the number of students who participated in an international program organized by a partner university/industry/institution, etc.

The Malaysia – USA International Virtual Exchange Program 2022 is one of the high-impact programs that will positively contribute to the university agenda. Ideally, organizing an international program like this enhances the visibility of both institutions and countries. Therefore, it is hoped that the faculty will organize more international collaboration activities in supporting the university’s agenda to become a globally renowned university by 2025.

Below are the program details:
1. Webinar 1 (11th May 2022) “Sharing Session: U.S. Food Law Regulations and Food Safety in Foodservice” (YouTube Link,
2. Webinar 2 (16th June 2022) “The Application of Qualitative Research Using Case Study and Focus Group” (YouTube Link, )
3. Webinar 3 (29th August 2022) “Embassy Speaker Program: Education & Exchange Opportunities in the United States of America” (YouTube Link,
4. Webinar 4 (14th October 2022) “Business Franchising in Malaysia: Opportunities, Issues and Challenges” (YouTube Link,