International Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition for Built Environment and Engineering 2020 (IIIDBEEX 2020)

International Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition for Built Environment and Engineering 2020 (IIIDBEEX 2020), organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying (FSPU), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, was held on the 11th November 2020 via online by using Cisco Webex platform. IIIDBEEX 2020 was the first international online program by the Faculty, focusing on the area of built environment and engineering with the theme of ‘Enhancing Sustainable Development in the Built Environment and Engineering’. This program provides an opportunity for interaction and exchange of ideas among universities, research institutions, government, industry and experts from around the world. The exposition showcases various creative and novel works, helping prospect researchers to understand, determine and identify the diversity of ideations, methodologies and solutions available. The organizing committee of IIIDBEEX 2020 aims to make the exposition grows into a renowned avenue and platform for global intellectual discourse.


The IIIDBEEX 2020 received 50 full papers and 66 posters from local and international participants. 70 participants attended the program virtually, where the best posters were announced during the live event. The best posters were categorized as top 20 Platinum Award, top 20 Gold Award and top 26 Silver Award. Among the posters received the Platinum Award entitled; Initiating Stakeholder Engagement as A Systematic Framework for Infrastructure Projects (Har Einur Azrin Baharuddin), The Success Factors for The Successful Delivery of Stakeholder Management in Public-Private Partnerships Projects in Malaysia (Sakinah Khalidah Kaharuddin, Hamimah Adnan and Har Einur Azrin Baharuddin), and Impact of Urban Physical Environment on Mental Health (Marlyana Azyyati Marzukhi, Oliver Ling Hoon Leh, Nur Masyitah Ghazali, Mohd Azren Hassan and Muhammad Hakim Danial). For the best full paper award, the winner will be notified via email.