FSKM, UiTM (PDTIs) Students Awarded ISACA Certification in Cybersecurity Capacity Building Program 2019 with MDEC Sponsorship

A total of nine students from the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (FSKM), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia is a Premier Digital Tech Universities (PDTIs) were successfully certified by the ISACA (previously known as Information Systems Audit and Control Association®) Certification after undergoing 3 weeks of the Cyber Security Certification Program. A total of 40 students from UiTM had joined the 3-week Cybersecurity Capacity Building Program (NXFORCE) in November 2019. The nine FSKM, UiTM students were certified with CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals certificate in December 2019 after achieving a passing score in cybersecurity knowledge which includes courses such as Cybersecurity architecture principles security of networks systems, Incident response, Security implications, Adoption of evolving technology, and Applications and data via online examination.

UiTM was very happy to receive a sponsorship of RM10 000 per student from the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). This Cyber Security Certification Program was initiated by MDEC and organized by the ASIA Cybersecurity Exchange to create awareness on job career among tertiary students on cybersecurity. The aim was also to create a pipeline of cyber security practitioners and supply talents to cater for the demand of the digital economy in the industry. The program included industry sharing sessions, professional career mentorship, Job Placement, ISACA Training and Cybersecurity Industry Standard Hands-On Lab. ISACA training includes Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) Fundamentals Training & Certification and Cybersecurity Industry Standard Hands-On Lab which includes contents on Security Admin, Penetration Testing, Blue Team Exercise and Digital Forensic.

The ISACA training is ideal to build knowledge of cyber security for both Information Technology (IT) practitioners cum graduates to get jobs and it is a great value added in the Cybersecurity industries. This knowledge is in high demand currently, as cyber threats continue to impact virtually every field of information systems and enterprises around the world. The cybersecurity programme by MDEC has successfully manage to bridge the gap between industry and academia with real life experience of the industrial world.

Source: https://qswownews.com/uitm-students-get-certified-by-isaca-cybersecurity/