FKA UiTM Offers JKR Course on Steel Bridge Design


Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) invited three lecturers who graduated with a master’s degree in Bridge Engineering at University of Surrey UK to give their engineers a course on steel bridge design. The course lasted 2 days from 9 to 10 July 2020 and was attended by JKR engineers. The three lecturers currently mentioned are senior lecturers at UiTM Faculty of Civil Engineering, Dr. Mohd Khairul Kamarudin, Dr. Hazrina Mansor and Ts. Dr. Yazmin Hamid Sahol. The course focuses on the design of Eurocode steel bridges. The topics covered included: basic structural design, bridge loading, steel bridge design, composite bridges and steel connection design. The course was held at Pusat Kecemerlangan Kejuruteraan dan Teknologi JKR (CREaTE), Alor Gajah Melaka.