Ethos! TESL Student Association (ETSA) Maverick’s Training 2022 Made a Comeback!

The Maverick’s Training is a niche training module and programme developed to equip ETSA’s new members with the practical knowledge of language and drama games to be carried out in future English language related events and workshops. ETSA, Faculty of Education UiTM, has up until the present day, a long-standing history of successful collaborations and organisations of the Maverick’s module in English language workshops with many primary and secondary schools from around Selangor.

The 2022 ETSA Maverick’s Training was conducted online, via the Cisco Webex platform, on the 14th May 2022. The half-a-day training mutually involved 60 newly joined Part 1 with the Part 5 TESL students and senior ETSA high committee members acting as the guiding facilitators. The participants were introduced to a variety of language and drama games specifically 4 different types of Small Games and 1 type of Big Game.

Among the main objectives of the Maverick’s Training are as an in-house facilitator training platform for Maverick’s programmes in schools and to foster excellent and effective communication skills among the participants who are also prospective Maverick’s facilitators. It is also hoped that the newly acquired skills would inspire ETSA members into adopting the EDUpreneur mindset as one of the possible educational career paths.