CALL FOR PAPERS: International Joint Conference in Logistics and Transportation 2022

We proudly announce the International Joint Conference in Logistics and Transportation 2022 will be held on 5 – 6 October 2022. (Collaboration between ReNeU LT and Mitrans)


You are cordially invited to share your research findings through research paper submission under the following website

International Conference on Logistics and Transportation 2022 (ICLT 2022)

Track 1: Transportation
Air Transport and Airports; Maritime Transport and Ports; Rail Transport; Road Transport
Track 2: Logistics
Reverse logistics, Supply Chain Management, Distribution
Track 3: Fine Art Logistic
Storage, Art Consulting, Packaging, Exhibition, Installation, Art Galleries, Private Collector, Museum Specialist, Show and Entertainment, Auctions Houses, Work of Art and Cultural Goods, Transport services, Warehousing Service
Track 4: Automotive Design
Ergonomics, DNA Styling, Form giving Design
Track 5: Autonomous Vehicle and Unmanned System
Flight Technology, EV-AV, UAV, Aviation
Track 6: Logistics Modelling and Technology Application
Statistical Model, Operational Research, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Warehouse Automation, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Elastic Logistics, Port Logistics
Track 7: E-commerce Operation
Online Store, Ecommerce Trends, E-Commerce Operations Management, E-Commerce and Supply-Chain Management, E-Commerce and Product and Process Management, E-Commerce and Purchasing Management, E-Commerce and Forecasting and Scheduling Management, E-Commerce and Inventory Management, E-Commerce and Quality Management, E-Commerce and Human Resource Management, E-Commerce and Reengineering and Consulting Management

Submission & Registration (ICLT 2022)

MITRANS International Logistics and Transport Conference 2022 (MILTC 2022)

Track 1: Sustainable Logistics and Transport
Sustainable Logistics Operations, Green Transportation, Traffic Engineering, Transportation Safety, Transportation Health, Transportation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Public Transport – Accessibility, Mobility, and Connectivity, Decarbonising Urban Public Transport, Inter Cities and Cross-Border Public Transport, Public Transport Amenities and Customer Services, Network Planning and Design for Sustainable Public Transport System
Track 2: Technologies and Innovations in Transportation and Logistics
Control Systems, Emergency Response Systems Data Analytics and Intelligence Transport Systems, Modelling and Optimization of Transport Systems and Logistics, Disruptive Innovations, e-Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles, Industry 4.0 and Digital Logistics
Track 3: Halal Supply Chain
Halal Logistics, Halal Trade Facilitation, Halal Auditing, Halal Certification System, Halal Traceability
Track 4: Policies & Regulations
Cultural Policies and Digitization, Cultural Policies and Transport Ecosystem, Logistics and Transport Policy and Ethics, Transport and Transport Governance

Submission & Registration (MILTC 2022)

Important Dates:
Full Paper Submission Deadline: 30 Sept. 2022
Notification of Acceptance: Within 2 weeks from the date of submission
Submission of Camera-ready: 30 Sept. 2022
Registration Deadline: As per the letter of acceptance
(Note: No Refund policy of the registration fees under any circumstances)