2nd Kelantan International Learning and Exhibition 2019 (KILIEx 2019)

“Empowering Community Through Innovation”

This event is organized by Universiti Teknologi MARA Kelantan, MALAYSIA. Featuring innovations from diverse fields and streams, the objectives of the events are;

1. To nurture the culture of innovation and design in the field of teaching and learning and other related fields among educators, students, and the public.
2. Provides a prestigious platform for educators, students, and the public in Kelantan to participate and showcase their innovations and designs
3. Provides opportunities for participants to discuss and interact with industry players for commercialization purposes
Participants are encouraged to submit an extended abstract/ full paper version of their project which will be published in e-proceeding (eISBN).
Selected paper will be published in Journal of Mathematical Science (e-ISSN 0128-0767) or Journal of Contemporary Social Science Research (e-ISSN 0128-2697)
Dateline of Extended Abstract: 31st August 2019 |
Online Submission/Email to: secretariat@kiliex2019.uitmkelantan.com
For more information on ICEdDE 2019, please visit the conference website: https://kiliex2019.uitmkelantan.com