4th Undergraduate Diploma Symposium Faculty of Chemical Engineering UiTM Sarawak

Prof Dato Dr Jamil Haji Hamali

The 4th Undergraduate Diploma Symposium Faculty of Chemical Engineering UiTM Sarawak Branch was officiated today by Prof Dato Dr Jamil Haji Hamali, UiTM Sarawak Rector at Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

This symposium is initiated part of the teaching and learning process to promote research and innovation aspects. Therefore, through the Diploma of Chemical Engineering (EH110) study plan, the research project’s course code (CHE364) is one of the subjects which provideĀ these elements. In addition, this symposium aims to provide researchers, especially the students to niche their academic studies with the ever-changing technological environment for better improvement in their respective specialized areas and it is especially useful even after they have graduated.

The first event was organized in 2015 and now this is the 4th symposium that being conducted by Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

Today the emerging economies have the increasing needs to enhance the supply of quality education and of indigenous research to their development goals. With the objectives to promote research within the academic community especially for undergraduate students, to enhance the quality of education, and indirectly to engage in industry relationships in advancing economies, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, UiTM Sarawak Branch will provide them with a unique platform for sharing the latest theories and prevalent practices in dynamic service economies through this symposium.

This maiden symposium will be a platform for lecturers and students to present their authoritative knowledge and up-to-date research findings in innovative sciences and technologies. It aims to provide new opportunities to others who are preparing to venture into innovative sciences and technologies for the exchange of information and knowledge for service excellence.