Enterprising Akmyr among 13 UiTM graduates accorded Best Graduate Award

SHAH ALAM: While most his age are still figuring how to penetrate the job market, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) alumni Akmyr Ahmad Azwan is all set to open his third business.

Akmyr, 24, an exemplary law graduate, was among the 13 UiTM graduates accorded with the Best Graduate Award at the university’s 87th Convocation Ceremony here today.

He was also a student leader who actively participated in co-curricular activities, and a businessman.

The Penang-born was on the Dean’s list for eight consecutive semesters and received a First Class Honours Degree, as well as the Faculty’s Overall Best Student Award, Vice-Chancellor’s Award and Outstanding UiTM Alumni Award.

While in his fourth semester, he opened a restaurant called Jibril and an ice-cream outlet, Sangkaya, both located in SS15 Subang Jaya. The businesses had proven to be a success and have become a go-to-hotspot.

Despite having completed his chambering in Litigation and Corporate Energy & Utilities and having admitted as an advocate and solicitor at the High Court of Malaya, Akmyr decided to resign and focus on his business.

“I aspire to be a pilot, but had to go with my second option of earning a law degree due to financial constraints.

“Besides, a degree in law will give you a strong base and teaches you mature thinking. You don’t necessarily need to practice law.

“Now I have two businesses. I’m concentrating on the third one, which is a fashion styling mobile application called Ombre, which requires much of my time,” he said.

On his work-life balance, he said: “I knew my goals and I worked towards it, but along the way I had to make sacrifices such as social life and sleep.

“When I was studying, I only had two hours of sleep a day because I was active in co-curricular activities besides devoting much of my time studying.

“Everything seems impossible until it is done.Thankfully, I had my family’s support.”

Shafiyah Mohamad Khalil, 28, a Bachelor of Applied Language Studies (Hons) English for Professional Communication graduate is looking to pursue her postgraduate study.

“Why English? I was privileged to have studied in England for five years during my early childhood where I was exposed to the language and education system.

“My father was pursuing his doctorate then. My learning experience there motivated me to become an educator in my own country.

“I was very much interested in learning the syntax, semantics and pragmatics of English. I hope to share this knowledge with people from all walks of life in the future,” said the Perlis-born.

Meanwhile, former UiTM vice-chancellor Tan Sri Dr Ibrahim Shah Abu Shah was accorded the title of emeritus professor at the event.

The award was an appreciation of Ibrahim Shah’s commitment, expertise and earnestness during his term as vice-chancellor from 2001-2009.

“It was totally unexpected. I never thought I would be accorded this title now that I have retired.

“I would like to congratulate and thank the government for electing Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Hassan Said as UiTM vice-chancellor.

“He is very much capable and with 100 per cent support from UiTM staff and academicians, I believe he will be able to uplift UiTM to be recognised in the region.

Hassan said a total of 26,417 graduates will receive their degrees and diplomas at 12 UiTM branches during the convocation ceremony from Oct 14 to Nov 14.

Of these, he said 71 graduates will be conferred their doctorate degrees, 1,286 will get their masters degree, 82 post-graduate diplomas and 10,639 first degrees.

At the Shah Alam UiTM campus, 513 graduates received their doctorate and masters degrees at the first session of the convocation ceremony today.

In total, Hassan said 10,753 graduates will receive their scrolls at the convocation ceremony in the Shah Alam UiTM campus.


Source: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2017/10/291100/enterprising-akmyr-among-13-uitm-graduates-accorded-best-graduate-award